The Great Transition, an opportunity to rethink economic and social action.


Current economy and socieity are radically separated from natural cycles and elements. The consequences on well-being and social relations are often important, they are dramatic on the environment, and prefigure a possible genral failure of installed socioeconomic systems.

The international community has committed several times towards a transition of production and consumption modes as well as energy. But we lack a vision, an alternative story for the future of our societies. However, the transition of economy and society towards a sustainable future has already started for local communities and pioneer companies.

The distance between the old and the new economy seems so important that the multitude seems to lack landmarks to imagine and engage within the emerging new society, even as they have understood the deadend of the operating system of most of the economic and social sysems. The great transition is this process both individual and collective, with solidarity in its approach, that contributes to a sustainable future for our societies, tapping in the solidarity and know-how, the dynamism of social entrepreneurship, individual or collective, and in scientific research oriented towards this future.

What we propose

Economic development based on human and ecosystem potential

  • Study of the potential of symbiotic development of the local area of the company (including, but not limited to Ecosystem Services Review, ecological, economical and social know-how and innovation)
  • Design of transition plans for communities and/or organizations
  • Design of permaculture sites and training in permaculture
  • Facilitation or management of social economy, (sub)urban agriculture and CSA projects

Feasibility studies and impact studies

  • Study of feasibility of developement projects
  • Study of the impact and performance of supply chains, and development projects
  • Multicriteria evaluation multicritères, environmental mediation
  • Partnership and multistakeholder dialogue

Mediation and stakeholder dialogue

The great transition and sustainable development start by a dialogue with stakeholders, and takes form in mutual commitment between partners. This coordination is not easy, because each part is submitted to specific challenges and constraint.
A third person is often necessary. This is why we propose you our mediation and stekholder dialogue services.

More on the great transition

Building sustainable livelihoods in West Kalimantan

Building sustainable livelihoods in West Kalimantan

The program on “management of natural resources based on indigenous peoples’ local knowledge” in West Kalimantan had multiple facets: reclaiming customary rights on land and forest, conducting activities of adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, economic empowerment through the establishment of local credit union service points, and support to food security and income generating activities. It was globally successful, but new challenges appear for the communities involved.

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En Guyane, l’émergence d’un cacao et d’un chocolat français durable

En Guyane, l’émergence d’un cacao et d’un chocolat français durable

En 2020, Pierre Johnson a coordonné une étude pour le développement d’une filière “cacao et chocolat durables de Guyane”, à la demande d’une entreprise mécène et de la Chambre d’agriculture de Guyane. Avec Cesar Paz, créateur de la coopérative Norandino au Pérou, nous avons rencontrés au début de l’année l’ensemble des producteurs et des acteurs susceptibles d’appuyer ce secteur. Réunis début novembre en atelier durant deux jours, les producteurs actuels et prospectifs et leurs appuis éventuels sont partagé leurs expériences et construit ensemble une vision pour l’avenir de la filière, un cacao et un chocolat d’excellence, fait en Guyane et donc en France. Premier bilan dans cet article.

From plague to COVID-19: human health and ecosystems

From plague to COVID-19: human health and ecosystems

Human health and ecosystems: a relationship of  interdependency The current pandemic reminds us that human and ecosystems healths are closely linked. For decades, scientists, especially in the medical field, thought that it would one day be possible to control all...

Artemisia annua, a plant between medicine and politics

Artemisia annua, a plant between medicine and politics

Against the coronavirus, can African countries promote a herbal medecine derived from traditional medicine?
Much hope has been placed on the plant of the species Artemisia annua. Is its use by African countries medicinal or political, or both?

Pierre W. Johnson

International consultant, study and sustainable development of natural products value chains. Specialist of markets of origin, quality and high value products. Expert on Access and Benefit Sharing.
Keynote speaker on transition to an ecological economy & society.

Member of the
International Value Links Association.

Associate expert to Tero.



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