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During two centuries, the economy and society have been radically separated from natural cycles and prinples, creating heavy damages. But the transition of economy and society towards a sustainable future has already started for local communities and pioneer companies.


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Bioeconomy: Reconciliating economic activities with the cycles of life is essential to the future of our societies.

Biotrade: A deep understanding of the interaction of social and natural systems, and twenty-five years of development of sustainable products.

Building sustainable livelihoods in West Kalimantan

Building sustainable livelihoods in West Kalimantan

The program on “management of natural resources based on indigenous peoples’ local knowledge” in West Kalimantan had multiple facets: reclaiming customary rights on land and forest, conducting activities of adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, economic empowerment through the establishment of local credit union service points, and support to food security and income generating activities. It was globally successful, but new challenges appear for the communities involved.

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The Gafsa pistachio, promoting a local product

The Gafsa pistachio, promoting a local product

Pistachio is the most precious nut in the Mediterranean. Did you know that this green almond, which enhances pastries in the southern and eastern Mediterranean, originated in Persia? Since the boycott of the Iranian regime,...

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A few books and many articles on fair trade, biopiracy and the Nagoya Protocol.


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