Facilitating landscape approaches and sustainable value chain development


During two centuries, the economy and society have been radically separated from natural cycles and prinples, creating heavy damages. But the transition of economy and society towards a sustainable future has already started for local communities and pioneer companies.
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Life develops with competition on a cooperation background. Cooperation is the basis of scientific and technical development as well as human progress. It is the field for the development of business, of hapiness and for individual success.
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Reconciliating economic activities with the cycles of life is essential to the future of our societies. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the interaction of social and natural systems, and on twenty years of development of natural products and project management.
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Recycling Carbon – Recycling carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a modern material, widely used in the nautical, aeronautical, cycling and other sports industries. Until now, few companies offer repair, reuse or recycling solutions. With Recycling Carbon, it's done. The accelerated development of this non profit...

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Soirée Permaculture et Transition – 9 nov. 2017 à Paris

Le réseau des Villes et Territoires en Transition en Ile-de-France propose le 9 novembre 2017 une soirée d'initiation sur le thème « Permaculture et Transition ». Organisée par Peter BENOIT et Pierre JOHNSON, nous avons décidé d'offrir cette soirée, pour rendre...

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Artemisia: a plant, women and men against malaria

La Maison de l'Artemisia is non-governmental organization (NGO), a non-profit under French law, which has been supporting for several years the players of the production, marketing and use of medicinal plants of the Artemisia genus in Africa, because of their...

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In Ghana, producers and consumers make organic farming grow

In Ghana, producers and consumers make organic farming grow

In Ghana, fossil fuels represent a real boon for the state, in terms of income and foreign exchange. But just after the sales of hydrocarbons, comes that of cocoa beans, and other cash crops. However, oil extraction contributes to climate disruption, while the...

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Value Chain Analysis for Home Decoration and Home Textiles in Indonesia

The value chain analysis of the Home Decoration and Home Textiles in Indonesia conducted by Pierre Johnson on behalf of CBI concluded in the potential of traditional textiles of Nusa Tenggara Timor islands, provided more market linkages and support could be provided, and of home decoration through better market responsiveness.

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Pierre W. Johnson

International consultant, study and sustainable development of natural products value chains. Specialist of markets of origin, quality and high value products. Expert on Access and Benefit Sharing.
Keynote speaker on transition to an ecological economy & society.

Member of the
International Value Links Association.

Associate expert to Tero.