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Bilateral and multilateral cooperation agencies

French Development Agency

Agence Française de Développement




  • Feasibility study for a project of support to export value chains and rural development in Comoros Union (ylang ylang essential oil, vanilla, clove and vegetables).
  • Evaluation of Equité 1 project – Mali and Burkina Faso, with SalvaTerra.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization




  • Trade Capacity Building of the actors of the coffee supply chain in Burundi (cooperatives and companies), to prepare them to a Fairtrade and/or organic certification, and for market access. Training of 15 agronomists
  • Monitoring and evaluation of 40 cooperatives and companies.
  • Training of cooperatives and companies for their business plan.
  • Study of 5 supply chains and their quality issues, including spices, essential oils and cocoa in Madagascar.

Coopération technique belge

  • Caractérisation des marchés de produits alimentaires (riz, maïs, banane) au Burundi (2016)

GIZ (Nepal)

  • Trade facilitation for Nepalese companies in herbal products, tea, spices and essential oils.
  • Production of the guide “Welcome to Europe” the facilitate the importation of products in Europe.

UNDP Guatemala

  • National study on Fair Trade supply chains in Guatemala and their impact (2005).
  • Recommandations for the development of Fair Trade in Guatemala.
  • As a result of this study, a national task force on fair trade was created.



Ethcial biotrade and valuation of traditional knowledge


French company – Men’s cosmetics

  • Training on Fair Trade (international and local), its application to cosmetics and its certifications.


  • Study on the alternatives to biopiracy: implementation of Access and Benefit Sharing by cosmetics companies ; alternatives to patents.

products from the Brazilian Amazon and Sri Lanka (dietary supplements, natural cosmetics and spices)

  • Promotion of the Forest Garden Products (FGP) label in Europe :
    • Representation of RIFA – IAFN at the international pavilion of Terra Madre – Torino October 2012
    • Contact with more than 100 companies and producers of 5 continents.
    • Participation to Slow Food International.
    • Edition of the first IAFN newsletter in Europe – December 2012

GADEPAM, handicrafts from French Guyana

  • Strategic advice for the development of fair trade of handicrafts from the traditional communities in French Guyana.


Developpement of sustainable value chains





Essential oils and wood-energy in Comoros

Sol Asso

Cosmetic ingredient in India; definition of a fair price

Man and Environment

Coco value chain in Côte d’Ivoire

Morrocan Network for Social and Solidarity Economy

  • Support to the Morrocan Network for Social and Solidarity Economy for the support of its action plan (2006-07).

Transport Coherence

  • Advice and mediation of a start up in sail shipping towards Fair Trade importers
  • Training / conference on sustainable shipping at the World Forum on Human Rights (Nantes, May 2013)

World Humans Right Forum

Nantes, May 2013

  • Training / conference on sustainable shipping


  • Study of the national Fair Trade label and Fair Trade strategies in Mexico (2003-2004). Report of over 100 pages with recommendations, seen more than 6000 times in French and in Spanish..

Ethical Sugar, Fondation France Libertés

Fondation France Libertés

  • Socio-environnemental audit of a sugar cooperative in Brazil (2004–05).

Coordinadora Estatal de Productores de Café de Oaxaca (Mexico)

coordination of 20 small-scale producer cooperatives (1997-1998)274/5000

  • Assessment, capacity building and local development
  • Implementation of participatory diagnoses of local cooperatives, allowing the appropriation of the cooperative project in context of oral and indigenous culture.
  • Development of the University of Coffee project (training)




Project evaluation

CCFD Terre Solidaire


Evaluation of a project on resilience and adaptation to climate change based on the management of natural resources by indigenous communities, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Initiative Développement

Evaluation of FY-DAFE programme in Comoros

Agence Française de Développement

Evaluation of programme Equité in Mali and Burkina Faso.

Multi-criteria evaluation and Dialogue

Researcher on Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development, Saint-Quentin-en-Versailles University

  • EJOLT – Evaluation of damages and social and environmental externalities, energy and mining (2009- 2012)
  • Ecost (with the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement): Training of Southern experts of fishing on participatory evaluation methods (2009).
  • Methodological support to multi-criteria evaluation of the social cost of illegal gold-mining in French Guyana – Partnership with the WWF Guyana (2010).

Bridge Initiative International

Project manager exploratory mediations

  • Coordination of workgroups on: agriculture and WTO, water for all (2006-07)
  • Organization of the meeting “Reinventing globalization”, Lyon, October 2006.

Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Mankind
Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

  • Creation and facilitation of international communities of pratice:
    • « Fair Trade », international network of 180 people in 3 languages (2000-2006).
    • « Socio-economic agenda for the 21st century », multi-thematic workgroup (2005).
      Creation of web sites and of an online publication





Pierre W. Johnson

International consultant, study and sustainable development of natural products value chains. Specialist of markets of origin, quality and high value products. Expert on Access and Benefit Sharing.
Keynote speaker on transition to an ecological economy & society.

Member of the
International Value Links Association.

Associate expert to Tero.

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