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Integrating the challenges of the great transition is currently a necessity for any organization or community wishing to pursue a sustainable development. We offer training on current issues, economic innovation and participatory approaches to project management and evaluation.


I. The fundamentals of the great transition

  1. Challenges and necessity of the great transition
  2. Ecological intelligence for companies and local communities
  3. Environment and cooperation: two complementary approaches

    II. Economic innovation, ethics and sustainability
  4. The new economic models and their sustainability
  5. Initiating a project or developing ethical and sustainable products
  6. Integrating biodiversity and dialogue on knowledge

    III. Building and evaluating projects with stakeholders
  7. Co-building an ecological transition process
  8. Engaging the community in a resilient and sustainable development approach
  9. The basics of multicriteria assessment for ecological transition


  • Companies from all sectors (food, cosmetics, textiles, handicrafts, transport, tourism…)
  • Local and regional authorities (Agenda 21, sustainable development and solidarity, decentralized cooperation)
  • Education sector: training centers, universities
  • Professional bodies (federation of producers, cooperatives …)
  • Associations and organizations of the social and solidarity economy sector


  • Vocational training centers: elected officials, companies
  • Universities: University of Versailles-St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Catholic Institute of Paris, University Lyon II, VetAgro
  • Enterprises and federations
  • United Nations: UNDP and UNIDO – See our references


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Pierre W. Johnson

International consultant, study and sustainable development of natural products value chains. Specialist of markets of origin, quality and high value products. Expert on Access and Benefit Sharing.
Keynote speaker on transition to an ecological economy & society.

Member of the
International Value Links Association.

Associate expert to Tero.

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