Carbon fiber is a modern material, widely used in the nautical, aeronautical, cycling and other sports industries. Until now, few companies offer repair, reuse or recycling solutions. With Recycling Carbon, it’s done.

The accelerated development of this non profit start-up is not without presenting several challenges. In partnership with a specialist in the recycling sector, we helped its team overcome the early stages of its development.

biens de consommation en fibre de carbone : vélo et nautiqueIn response to a call for tenders by InESS’91, a generator of social and solidarity initiatives, in collaboration with a specialist in the recycling sector, we supported in end 2016-early 2017 its team to plan and overcome the next steps of its development. Our intervention focused on:

  • the precise study of the carbon fiber recycling and reuse sector (market study, partners and possible competitors);
  • co-development of a business model appropriate to the sector
  • the development of a provisional budget taking into account the precise data provided by the previous steps

We undertook these actions in coordination with the Recycling Carbon team and with our partner. After several weeks of exchange, it was able to have an inventory of the market, establish an economic model and develop a forecast budget to project its development over the next few months or years

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