Ylang ylang from the Comoros: Saving distillation fuel wood

Ylang ylang from the Comoros: Saving distillation fuel wood

In March 2019, a team led by Pierre JOHNSON, international consultant, with Wassilati MBAE, as expert of the Comoros ylang ylang value chain, conducted the evaluation of the 2nd phase of the FY-DAFE programme (2016-2019) of the NGO Initiative Développement, with funding by the French Development Agency, and the French Facility for Global Environment and other sponsors. This evaluation concluded on the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the project in its main objectives, and made recommendations for the third and final phase of the programme (2019-2021).

Pierre Johnson member of International Value Links Association

Since spring of 2018, Pierre Johnson has become a member of the international association Value Links. This association brings together professionals who apply the methods of analysis and development of value chains developed by GIZ (German cooperation) within the...

Pierre W. Johnson

International consultant, study and sustainable development of natural products value chains. Specialist of markets of origin, quality and high value products. Expert on Access and Benefit Sharing.
Keynote speaker on transition to an ecological economy & society.

Member of the
International Value Links Association.

Associate expert to Tero.

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