Climate change and the collapse of biodiversity are having increasingly visible and dramatic consequences, from South to North and East to West. An open conflict in the North of Europe is impacting food in the South of the globe. But hope remains, with the end of the lockdown in Europe, relief for the Amazon, and the resumption of international exchanges, while images of the James Webb Space Telescope open an unknown window on a universe contained in the tip of a pin, and show us how high the human spirit and cooperation can bring us.

In 2022, we explored several pathways to transition and resilience:
value chain development and fighting deforestationrelated to commodity exports (Ghana),
– exchange and transfer of farming skills (Ghana and Madagascar),
enhancing biodiversity, particularly in aromatic and medicinal plants and spices (Indian Ocean), and
resilience of coastal fishing communities in Palu Bay, Sulawesi, Indonesia, after a major earthquake followed by a tsunami in September 2018,
– a probono commitment in Sustainable Land Management,
– and an investment in a collective adventure of sea transportation by sailboat

Don’t tell my mother I’m a consultant,
she thinks I work in tourism

The sometimes tedious and trying work of a consultant has brought me great personal reasons for satisfaction:
– Coordinating a team brings many satisfactions and lessons, and I would like to thank here my national consultants, without whom I could not do quality work: Abacar, Wassilati and Fatima in Comoros, Herimena in Madagascar, Nina in Indonesia. Thanks also to my partners in Ghana and to the CASEF project team in Madagascar.
– The wonder of discovering new cultures and new landscapes.
The Indian Ocean enshrines a unique and incomparable biodiversity.
Indonesia never ceases to amaze me with its cultural diversity and energy, perhaps induced by an intense tectonic activity.

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