Since spring of 2018, Pierre Johnson has become a member of the international association Value Links. This association brings together professionals who apply the methods of analysis and development of value chains developed by GIZ (German cooperation) within the framework of Value Links.

The notion of value chain allows an analysis of the role of the different players from production to the sales of a product. This analysis is an objective and precise basis for the definition of actions aimed at developing value chains, improving its profitability or increasing its environmental and social sustainability.

Our added value is to integrate the notion of value chain into the issues of sustainable development and ecological transition. We have developed and supplemented by original methods the value chain approaches.

We propose to conduct value chain studies, make recommendations and develop appropriate strategies in the following areas:

  • Economic study: decomposition of prices and value added across all segments of the value chain. An example from the soybean value chain in Togo (in French):
  • Strategic study: risks, weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, sustainability. An example from Indonesia:





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