Consultancy services

We offer different services, adapted to your needs.

Some of our main type of services:

Types of services


Strategic advice

  1. Context analysis
  2. Consideration of different approaches for value creation
  3. Step by step advice


  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Value chain studies: definition of fair prices, living income, assessment of externalities…
  3. Impact studies

Certification advice

  1. Assessment of certification needs (product, values, etc.)
  2. Identification of the most appropriate certifications – direct and indirect costs and benefits
  3. Action plan for the implementation of the chosen certification

Project evaluation

  1. Ex ante evaluation, project intermediary and final evaluation
  2. Multicriteria evaluation of project impact and results
  3. Multistakholder dialogue

Ordering institutions

  • International cooperation agencies
  • International solidarity organizations
  • Companies of all sectors (food, cosmetics, textile, handicraft, transportation, tourism…)
  • Professional bodies (federation of producers, cooperatives…)
  • Foundations
  • Design office
  • Local authorities


  • United Nations: UNDP and UNIDO
  • Cooperation agencies: AFD, FFEM, GIZ,CBI
  • NGOs: Care, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Initiative Développement, Sol Asso, Man and Environment, Both Ends, Hivos
  • Companies (confidential): cosmetic, food sector
  • Professional bodies: Cosmébio
  • Charles Léopold Mayer Foundations
  • Study offices: Tero, SalvaTerra

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Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your specific needs.



Pierre W. Johnson

International consultant, study and sustainable development of natural products value chains. Specialist of markets of origin, quality and high value products. Expert on Access and Benefit Sharing.
Keynote speaker on transition to an ecological economy & society.

Member of the
International Value Links Association.

Associate expert to Tero.

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